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The Movie App




Movie App

  1. UI
  2. Exoplayer Play MP4 (and HLS and live Not Done)
  3. Stuff Part
  4. Download Video(Pending)
  5. Preview Video(AutoPlay Video RecyclerView)
  6. Movie Shorts
  7. Video Ads (Play a video advertisement using the IMA SDK v3.)(Pending)
  8. Figure print or app lock
  9. GEt current location and address
  10. Don't allow to take ScreenShot
  11. Login register update (Email Verification)
  12. WishList
  13. storage bar(Pending)
  14. Take ScreenShot and share
  15. Subscription (paytm,razorpay Pending)
  16. Fingerprint Scan
  17. num lock
  18. Deep Linking
  19. Login With FB and Google


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