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Android & Web Development

Hey! How you Doing? i want share some Development related and programming things. Now a days the app and website the android apps getting more priorities. the apps and website developing is need for each and every business. it is help the to grow the business. it is help for Digital Marketing,ads,posters and so many things.the website and apps are makes the life easy.just a few tap you will get some good things or information.

main things is that the app and website are now core part of every business.nowadays people are doing business using apps and website without opening offices or company.which is best things about the apps and websites.

other part the programming initially the apps and website are developing in different language like java,C++,C# etc. and the website is in HTML,CSS,JS and Jquery. website and app are both having different languages, to develop an app and website need learn the so many't it? But its more better to learn so many languages just learn the basic of core languages like Java,C etc. because there are all language are depending or similar to each others, nowadays the apps and website are developing in Python for ex. the famous website like Linkedin, Youtube. also the app and website are also developing using same language like HTML,CSS,JS and AngularJS (IONIC Framework,Cordova),React Js this all are called as Hybrid Apps. But the core language like java and kotlin providing more Efficiency,handling to apps this are the native can check the Github Repositories.


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